Miscellanea...Graves, memorials and postcards

The historical essays, previously accessed from this page, are now incorporated in volume one of our book that was published in May 2014.  Click the links below  to download pdf files.  Depending on your internet connection these files may take a little time to download. 

Graveyard Plots

 Plot numbers of all those interred in St Michael's Graveyard up to the year 1980, in alphabetical order. 1101k.b
Plans of St Michael's Graveyard showing positions of burial plots, 193kb.
Bunwell World War I Roll of Honour in alphabetical order.
114 kb.

Bunwell Soldiers killed in World War One
151 kb

From the late 1890s until World War 1, the post card was a cheap and popular means of communication. This essay gives a brief history of the postcard followed by a definitive catalogue of all the postcards produced for, or featuring Bunwell.  2,105kb
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Areas currently being researched include:
The church and religious life in the parish
Trade and industry. Public Houses,
Bunwell Schools