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Please contact us if you can help solve the following problems;

World War I Memorial - Who was John Clarke?
We have records for all the Bunwell soldiers who died in World War I and are listed on the war memorial except for John Clarke.  If anyone knows which regiment he fought with or where he was born please contact us.

Bunwell Ladies Hockey Team

Bunwell Hockey Team

The above postcard is marked on the obverse 'Bunwell Hockey team 1913-1914'  We should be celebrating their centenary but we know nothing about them.  Can anyone help?

Gone to the Dogs
The Queen's Head on The Turnpike ( closed since 1971) has been the venue for a number of unusual activities.  Active members of the Rat and Sparrow club have long since joined their maker, but there may be some about who can still remember the greyhound racing.  We  would particularly like an illustration to add to our text.  If you have a photograph connected with greyhound racing at Bunwell we would  be most grateful for a copy.

Bunwell Smock Mill  
Bunwell's only known windmill stood on the glebe land off Rectory Lane.   It's history is well researched but we have no photograph of the structure.  It operated until 1891.
Smock Mill

The Bunwell Mill had an eight sided brick tower and a boat shaped cap.  It may have looked something like this smock mill that once stood at Mulbarton.

Previous Problems and Some Answers
What is this uniform?
From your responses to our question, we now know that the Reverend Adolphus Liddell Fellowes who was Rector of Bunwell from 1891 t0 1923 was wearing the uniform of an army chaplain dating between 1890 and 1904.  From researching The London Gazette John Herne has told us that by order dated 4th July 1900 the Rev. Fellowes was made Acting Chaplain to the 4th Volunteer Battalion Norfolk Regiment.
Rev Fellowes 
Porky Sturman
Who was Porky Sturman?
The back of this photograph bears only the name 'Porky' Sturman.   The puttees suggest he was a WWI soldier and the Bunwell Roll of Honour lists seven soldiers with the surname of Sturman.   We have had suggestions that he may have been one of a Sturman family that once lived at Little Green.  Robin Jackson e-mailing from North Texas  thought he might be from a family that  lived on Mile Road.  However, Phil Smith ( of Bunwell Sturman descent) has e-mailed naming him as Edward Sturman. apparently Phil's mother recalls playing with the other six Sturman boys none of whom looked like or were called Porky.  So by a process of elimination, Edward is highly likely to be our Porky.

Ernie's gravestone
Ernie's Poem
The grave stone of Ernest James, one time proprietor of Bunwell Chippie, contains two lines from the verse that was once fixed to the wall above the fryer.  Click here to read the whole poem.
A Royal Visitor?
On 6th August 1907
Princess Irene di Avierino Wiszenewska  opened a Bazaar at Bunwell to raise funds for the restoration of the parish church.  Thanks to your e-mails we now know a lot about her background and her mother's campaigns for the recognition of women's' rights.  We still have no idea what her connection was with Bunwell.  If you know please contact us.
  Princess Irene

Nora Batty
Bunwell and The Last of the Summer Wine
Kathy Staff's (Nora Batty) father-in law came from Bunwell and Bill Owen (Compo) once visited Bunwell to attend a youth event. Click here to read more and perhaps help us with the answers to some questions.