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Bunwell church from Barham's Lane

    St Michael and all Angels Parish Church from Barham's Lane

In 2005 a survey was carried out by Bunwell Parish Council to discover how the community felt about their village and how they would like it to develop in the future.  One of the outcomes of that survey was a feeling, that as well as planning for the future, an effort should be made to record the history of the village for future generations.

The Bunwell Heritage Group set out to produce a comprehensive social history of the village from the date of the earliest settlements until the present time.  It was a long term project but on 30th May 2014 it published 'Bunwell: A Village History Volume 1'.  Volume 2  was published in November 2018. Both volumes are in hard cover format with full colour dust jackets and available from members or through this website. 

With the publication of Volume 2 the Group's original mission is now accomplished. However it seems that with historical research the more one digs up the past, the more one finds. Certainly during the 12 years it took to produce this work a mound of information was unearthed that could not be included in these two books. There is more to be said about; the manors, farming, housing and communications  and the Group is currently working on further publications to plug these historical gaps.

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Attribution.  The Group aims to give proper attribution to all sources and references used.  Please tell us if you feel we have misquoted or accidentally infringed copyright.

Copyright.  Copyright for the group's publications resides with the authors.  Permission for short quotations for academic purposes is granted provided full attribution is given.

Organisation.  The Group is a non profit making organisation funded by its members.  Should any profits accrue to the Group they will be expended in the interests of the village.

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