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Ernie's poem

Our thanks are due to Ernie's wife, who still has the original sign, for the full text of that poem (with its unique spelling) that used to hang above the fish-fryer in the Bunwell Chippie.

Ernest is the governor's name
For fish and chips he has great fame
Walter has the art of chiping
Helps to make your supper riping
Now Ernest you cannot flurry
Oh dear no, he will not hurry
The fish is good , his chips are brown
There are none better for miles around
So if you have to wait awhile
Be patient and wear a smile
Come again you surely will
To put more money in the till
Then with luck we shall be on his will

             signed H.J.N Tofts

Ernie James, who died 25 years ago, was one of the village characters.