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Bunwell Chippie....
 'the people came from miles
Bunwell Fish and Chip Shop

 As one turned off Bunwell Street into Greenways, it stood just on the corner.  Bunwell Chippie: architecturally uninviting, but serving fish and chips that brought the customers in from miles around.  The brainchild of Ernie James it operated to a strict formula.  On arrival an order had to be placed after which one propped up the counter ,or retired to the seats provided to wait an indeterminate time for the fish to be cooked.  On a Saturday night the wait could be considerable.
The locals understood this and came prepared.  It was a social centre.  News was passed and banter exchanged.  For those of more studious mind Ernie arranged for the 'Pink-un' to be delivered on Saturday nights so that those waiting could check their pools as well as follow the fortunes of the Canaries that day.
Ernie James' GravestoneThe fish, delivered directly from Lowestoft that day, was always worth the waiting.  Ernie personally ensured that the batter attained exactly the right degree of colour and crispness.  There were never any complaints.  Chipping the potatoes to an even size could be safely delegated to his brother  Walter.
Go into any shop or restaurant today and you will see the walls papered with Quality Assurance, Investor in People, Health and Safety and Mission Statements all promising to deliver the very highest in quality and customer satisfaction.
Ernie's management style anticipated all these modern trends.  He published his Quality Statement in rhyme on a board hung over the fish fryer.  It said all you needed to know about  his fish and chips.  His family very wisely had one of the verses engraved on his stone .